people are in drafts have a few chores to do today and then will get to drafts when the chores are done. like if you wanna do a starter though ad i’ll message you about it so we can plan,unless you want my kik is packmomstilinski and yo can message me there

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guys cxkit still fucking up so gonna be on kik, packmomstilinski just tellmewho yu are when you message me

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working on drafts during commericals of american horror story:freakshow

also really want to do a rp guys with genna as a traveler,in the fox verse

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[a month away:; closed rp with theonesiwthoutpacks]



Emmett smiled and kept kissing him. He hummed happily as the two of them kissed. “What do you want to do now that you’re home?” Emmett murmured between kisses.

"As cheesy as this is," He said pulling away from his face "anything as long as it’s with you" His face scrunched up a few moments after hearing himself saying that and roared with laughter. "That was so bad I’m so sorry"

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Being an Alpha was an important thing in the stilinski line, while they didn’t always have everything they always prided themselves that the sons were alpways alphas. It had been planned since their infancy and now it was finally time to meet the man who was to be his mate.

He was waiting in his home currently for his mate to come into the home and meet him. He was a bit nervous as this was their first meeting.


Isaac swallowed and nodded, “Right, uh…I’ll do that,” he mumbled quickly before walking out of the room. He leaned on the wall, trying not to hyperventilate. He always thought what was scarier than the violence was waiting for violence.

He watched him go off with a frown. Something was seriously wrong. Sipping his milk he began putting the dinner he had ready and waiting. He knew from the brief file he was given that he wouldn’t be allergic to the lasanga he cooked so he just hoped he liked it. After setting the alarm he waited five minutes before going to check on Issac. 

"Issac just checking up on you you around?" He called out turning the corner

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[Connect:; closed rp with 1-800-drunk]



Ky had almost thought that Stiles wasn’t interested in him. When the text message came he was actually surprised.

[text] Hey. I’m good, bored. You?

Getting a text back he moved around in his seat in triumph
[text]STILINSKI: same
[text]STILINSKI: sooooo i was thinking maybe you wanna come over?
[text]STILINSKI:play some video games maybe?
[text]STILINSKI: your house is cool too

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"Nice t’ meet ya, Stiles," she said setting the mixture down on the table to cool and crystalize. She realized then his mind was preoccupied with something big. She coul see it on her face. she recognized it because she was known to have that expression too. And she could always place it on her brother when things were getting out of hand. "Somethin’ on y’ur mind, Stiles?"


The fairy boy snapped out of it quickly a scowl quickly passing his face as he realized he had let the fact something was on his mind show. He quickly threw on a smile and shook his head,

"No I’m fine just thinking about how I’m hoping this doesn’t kill us." He laughed and bent down to look at the crystalizing mixture "Kind of hope it tastes like cotton candy." He said looking up a big grin on his face.

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everyone is added into queue i love you all but i need to get some sleep before the service tomorrow. send me messages or fanmails i’ll answer when i can

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✆ ✉ ☎ ⁇ ⁇ ⁇ ⁇ ✿ ø ✘ //SORRY NOT SORRY

Morning tet:
[TXT]STILINSKI: mmmm morning sunshine

[TXT]STILINSKI: I’m gonna be there in 10 be up and ready

Unsent Text:

[TXT]STILINSKI: god you are gorgeous

Rushed text:

[TXT]STILINSKI: theyfound me i gottago nicekno ing you

Drunk Text:




Suggestive text:

[TXT]STILINSKI: heyyy sooo my dad isn’t home you anna come over and do some private tutoring ;P

Late night text:

[TXT]STILINKSI: its so late and i am so tired and i cant sleep, text me back gdi

Hateful text:

[TXT]STILINKSI: listen here you lil shitstain where did you put that book i know you hid it on me

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